Nowadays, it is not uncommon for adults to decide to have their teeth straightened. After all, attractiveness plays an important role in both professional and private life in our society. According to studies, attractive applicants generally have better chances of being hired than unattractive ones, and in professions with customer contact, a well-groomed appearance is a basic requirement.

Do you suffer from crooked teeth and therefore often have inhibitions when laughing and speaking? This does not have to be, decide for the Invisalign correction. Through several transparent splints, the teeth are gently straightened into the desired shape in small steps. 

Invisible elegance instead of a metal brace look. The special thing about the Invisalign treatment concept is that there are programs for younger children as well as for adults. Using Invisalign means using crystal clear braces to correct misaligned teeth. The modern answer of aesthetic reconstructive dentistry is clear braces from your Invisalign dentist Hamburg-Harburg. The Invisalign treatment concept is a groundbreaking development.

They are suitable for whitening incisors or correcting misaligned teeth.

Veneers are suitable for:

  • discolored teeth
  • enamel defects
  • minor misalignments
  • small gaps between teeth or chipping
  • irregular tooth surfaces

Veneers are wafer-thin, translucent ceramic shells for the teeth. They are applied to the surface of the teeth – especially anterior teeth – using special adhesives.

A crown is a medically necessary treatment, whereas a veneer is generally a cosmetic treatment in aesthetic dentistry.

For this reason, statutory health insurance companies do not usually cover veneers. In the case of supplementary insurance or private health insurance, it depends on the respective contract.

Dentures – much has changed
Hardly any dentist recommends dentures any more. They are getting on in years and are only recommended in exceptional cases.

Dentures – supported by implants
A lost tooth can often be replaced by a dental implant. An implant is a small titanium screw that is inserted into the jaw and grows firmly there. Crowns, bridges or a removable denture can then be attached to it.

Quality of life through a functional dentition

Dental crowns – the functional and aesthetic dental prosthesis
We always make your crown individually and tailored to your needs. The dental crown is needed when the hard tissue of the natural tooth is largely destroyed or has become unusable. 

Dental bridges – help from healthy teeth
Closing your gaps with dental bridges means fixed aesthetic teeth without surgical intervention. We can fill almost any size of gap.

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