Teeth are coloured by the thickness of the layers of tooth material. Darker areas appear when there is more material. White teeth appear because there is less material. Teeth change colour over time. Tooth colour can be affected by certain diseases or medications.

Bleaching is used to remove discolouration and make teeth whiter. External deposits are removed before the whitening process. External deposits are removed during the teeth cleaning, and then the bleaching agent is applied. Bleaching results in a brighter smile.

Caution is advised if the enamel is already heavily worn or if the necks of the teeth are exposed.

There are limits to whitening. After a certain point, it is no longer possible to go lighter – the teeth simply dictate that. Existing fillings or dentures can interfere with the desired result. Artificial material retains its colour and therefore no longer blends harmoniously into a whitened set of teeth after bleaching. To achieve the desired result, a single session is often not enough.

We do not recommend bleaching for pregnant and breastfeeding women or for adolescents.

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