A healthy own tooth is always more valuable than any dental prosthesis, no matter how good, or an artificial root, an implant. Root canal treatment is the ultimate way to preserve your own teeth. However, these measures are not only better, but almost always cheaper than a dental prosthesis.

Endodontics is a special focus of treatment in our practice. Due to continuous training, we have the necessary competence. 

We are the specialists for root canal treatments, endodontics, painless, with the best prognosis in Hamburg-Harburg. State-of-the-art dentistry with its highly specialized technology enables better success in dental treatment.

Endodontics (syn. root canal treatment) deals with the inner life of the tooth (endo = inside, odont = tooth).

Protected by the enamel and the underlying dentine, the pulp is located in a cavity inside the tooth. It consists of nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue, and is connected to the systemic circulation via small openings at the root tips.

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