Stable hold – your dentures are firmly anchored in the mouth and do not slip when you eat, laugh or speak.
Aesthetics – implant and denture replace the complete natural tooth and therefore look almost exactly the same. Forget about annoying retaining elements or pontics, these are a thing of the past.
Intact neighboring teeth – neighbouring teeth do not have to be ground down, and therefore no tooth substance is destroyed.
Preservation of the jaw bone – similar to your own tooth roots, the implants transfer your chewing forces to the jaw bone and protect against bone loss.

When the loss of your own teeth, whether due to accident, decay or external influences, can no longer be prevented, the question of appropriate dental prostheses arises. Especially in the field of vision, a reduction of your quality of life is the consequence. With us, you get back a carefree smile, a communicative laugh. Dental implants restore a healthy set of teeth and a carefree, self-confident smile. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots made of extremely compatible material (usually titanium), which are inserted into the jawbone, grow into it and later support the actual denture (crown, bridge, or prosthesis). They are a modern and highly aesthetic option for replacing single teeth, entire rows of teeth or even all teeth, or for anchoring dentures in a stable manner.

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